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New Approach to Job Search

Are you looking for a great job search board? In today’s advanced world, there is a plethora of problems when it comes to searching for a job or a qualified candidate. Some candidates have created more than one version of their profile in the same login or they even have created several logins. This often results in multiple applications being sent by one candidate. In addition, agencies and employers might be pursuing the same candidate assuming they will be perfect for the job. In such case, there is a possibility that a qualified candidate gets overlooked.

There are hundreds of job search boards on the web. Yet, candidate search and job search is more complicated than what it should be. Politicians and big businesses are battling over how many guest workers will be allowed, what should be the minimum wages, what benefits are taxable and many others, though they are not addressing the primary reason for unemployment and underemployment.

In the current model of job search / candidate search, most boards charge employers for posting a job and conducting a resume search. Some job boards charge candidates for displaying job posting results along with specific information such as salary range. Some of the employers have partnered up with staffing agencies. This often leads to the same job being posted several times by various agencies. In some cases, the location is also different because of same job getting posted with a city name or may be MSA region. This could on purpose or lack of communication between employers and their agents. Sometimes, there is an error in the job posting causing duplicate posting for the same position. There is a chance that job posting might get recycled using a previous version. This posting might lack some important information or changes. It might create problems in finding a suitable candidate for the job. Many times, employers or agencies use keywords to shortlist candidates. It is not a great way to select candidates as it might not reflect the quality of the candidates. In the same way, the candidates might be looking for jobs using keyword that is not used by the employers in the job posting. Even though all these problems are well known, there is currently no good solution in the market.

As a result employers will continue to see the same job applicant many times over, agencies will continue to peruse the same candidate, while candidates will fall into the conundrum of apply-apply-no-reply and then get disheartened by the job market or accept underemployment positions which has a larger impact on the economy over a period of time.

Due to excessive duplicate applications and extremely high cost of posting a job, many employers avoid posting a job on the board. If an employer posts on multiple job boards and social media, the chance of finding the right candidate will diminish further. Searching for resumes is an expensive proposition for employers, and may not necessarily yield success.

“The current model of candidate search is not working for many employers. It will continue to become expensive and a bigger bottleneck over the next few years. Interestingly, job board model has not changed for last 20 years”

Resunet is here to bridge this gap by giving the candidates, agencies, and employers an opportunity to improve their productivity. Through the use of AI in performing matching, this board allows employers and job seekers to focus on their respective objectives without having to spend time on guessing what the other is looking for.

Through Resunet, verified employers can post a job using the basic services that are free. All the employers are verified through a strict process. This any employer can post a job to reach out to a wider set of candidates as long as it is legal and meets all the terms and conditions.

For candidates, Resunet is a great alternative. You don’t have to apply for every job posted on the website. Instead, state your job search objective, skills, preferences in short . the search algorithm takes care of the rest. You do not have to upload a full resume. If we find a good match for you, you will be able to then post your resume.  Candidates can also get free help from Resunet professional staff. The experienced and qualified staff will guide you and see whether you are qualified for the job or not. They will even help in determining how well qualified for the job you are before applying for it.

Another feature of Resunet is it enables the employees to post a job on behalf of their employer by becoming a company representative. It will be beneficial for both, employees, and employers. The employer will find a qualified candidate while the employee can enjoy a referral bonus.

Resunet’s mission is to connect employers and job seekers to build a happy and fully employed workforce.


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