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Terms of Service

  1. Any violation of Terms and Service will result in cancellation of account(s), deletion of content posted even if some of those content did not violate Terms of Service, restrictions of future account creation on or group companies
  2. Only genuine Job postings will be allowed.
  3. We reserve the right to limit number of job postings by a single business or a user account
  4. If multiple accounts are used to circumvent the restrictions, all accounts which have posted similar content will get audited
  5. No Adult content is allowed on this site. Remember this site is also open for minors and school children so that they can use it for research or find part time work
  6. No form of hate speech or any message that is provocative
  7. Please report any activity that violates the Terms of Service to
  8. Decision of admin will be final in enforcement of these guidelines
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